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Katona International Holdings Corp:



This business plan is the property of Katona International Holdings Corp (KIHC) (the Company) and constitutes the essence of its business venture. It is the product of the expenditure of considerable effort and resources. The information and ideas contained herein derive value from the fact that they are not generally known within the tire industry and are, as such, trade secrets and confidential information. Out of commercial necessity, the Company must provide its copies of this business plan to potential investors, professionals, and is therefore vulnerable to the unauthorized disclosure to the public of the information contained herein. To protect its interest, The Company carefully controls, limits, and records the distribution of the information contained in this business plan. Accordingly, this business plan is provided in strict confidence and may only be used for the limited purpose for which it is disclosed and must be returned upon request. It is expected that the recipient of the business plan will take such care that an owner of such information would reasonably be expected to employ for its own benefit.

Copyright laws enforced in Canada, the United States of America and other countries; by treaty protect this business plan. All rights under the copyright act, and regulations pursuant thereto, are expressly reserved. Without limitation, any full or in partial disclosure, copying, dissemination, reproduction or reduction to writing of any part of this business plan is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorized in writing by an authorized signatory of the Company. Any authorized copies hereof shall become the property of the Company and must be delivered to the Company forthwith upon request. While the Company believes that the information is current and correct as at the date of this business plan, it makes no representation or warranties as to accuracy of the information contained herein. Similarly, the Company assumes no obligations to provide to the recipients of this business plan updated information subsequent to the date of this business plan.

All financial projections provided for herein are provided solely for the purpose of illustrating a possible financial scenario. They are not, under any circumstances, to be constructed as the Company’s representation or warrant as to the likely financial performance of the Company, merely a possible one, and one that would be dependent on many factors outside of the Company.

Neither this business plan nor anything provided for herein constitutes an offer of securities, or should be construed to constitute an offer of securities, by the Company, to any party. Any offer of securities, if ever made, will be made in accordance with all applicable securities laws.

All pictures have been obtained from what is believed to be public domain.

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